Virtual Desktops

Free your IT staff from the drudgery of office application and desktop management chores and rededicate them to creative endeavors, that add to your growth. With a Virtual Desktop Solution from Aeronomy you can get scalable and extensible desktops and application delivery with the cost efficiency of a pay-as-you-go model. Our Virtual Desktops are ideal for everything from temporary office environments to company wide delivery. And because Virtual Desktops are hosted from the most secure datacenters in the industry, your data is always protected.


Virtual Labs

Amid funding and cost pressures, the field of education is facing historic demands for new technology. Like every industry, educational organizations must find a way to control increased costs for data delivery and storage, but the challenges actually go further. Educational institutions also need to meet increased consumer demand for online coursework, as well as training in technical skills that is more aligned with current and future workforce requirements. The Aeronomy Computer Labs solution gives these educational leaders innovative ways to deliver a quality educational experience while controlling costs by shifting to cloud-based solutions. The technology is mature, and the benefits are clear:  READ MORE

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Managed Services

At Aeronomy, we have a comprehensive suite of end-to-end business solutions that leverage the inherent advantages of cloud-based technologies to solve a variety of business challenges. Unlike many of our competitors, Aeronomy Design & Build solutions are not tethered to a specific location, cloud network, vendor, or hardware/software brand. We simply tailor a solution to meet your needs.. READ MORE

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